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They look adorable but they are much more than that. Their appearance is fun and even innocent, but these adult sex toys ducklings are powerful vibrators that you can use inside the bathtub to give you pleasure. You can enter the peak, the head, the tail. They are made in different finishes and, having that harmless look, they are the perfect option for those women who want a little pleasure but are afraid to have a dildo at home. So you know: fill the bathtub, spread some salts, light some candles, put some of these songs and let yourself go with your duckling. You will come out of the bathtub as new.

Although in recent times the G-spot vibrator has gained ground, the dildo seems to never go out of style. In the lesbian world, in fact, it is a great helper: There are even double dildos for two women to enjoy at the same time! For the perfect options you can use the Adult Sex Toys now.
Fellatio, masturbation and annilingus

As we said, fellatio is one of the most common sexual practices among men. The postures in this case, are almost endless (from the classic kneeling posture to 69, to do lying or sideways), and the shape of the penis will determine which position is best suited to the cavity of the mouth so there can be greater depth in fellatio. For more pleasure, you can play with the breath and caresses in the pubic area, the English or the testicles. On the glans, yes, you have to be a little more careful, since it is an extremely sensitive area.

Oral sex accompanies masturbation on many occasions, which increases the excitement during fellatio. The truth is that masturbation is another of the most common practices among gays for obvious reasons. One can masturbate the other at his side while they caress with the other hand, in front while they kiss, or while one practices the other an annilingus.

And is that although it has been a taboo subject over the years annilingus is one of the most practiced preliminaries. It is a very pleasant practice if practiced well and, of course, with total hygiene. In addition, both for homosexual and heterosexual relationships, it is a great dilator of the anal area, perfect for before practicing penetration. By the way, to dilate also and to enjoy in many other levels, some of the best sex toys sure help a lot.

Risk practices in gay relationships

Over the years, and especially as a result of the collective madness that sparked AIDS at the end of the 20th century, gay practices with risky sexual practices have been associated on numerous occasions. In any case, homosexuals do not have to have more risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases than heterosexuals.

Do it “bareback”. If in heterosexual relationships it can also mean unwanted pregnancies, the transmission of STDs, in gay relationships there is greater risk since the anal area can harbor a greater number of bacteria for obvious reasons and, because there is much more friction, micro breaks occur in the during the penetration that can be the gateway to a few diseases . Therefore it is always advisable to use condoms to practice anal sex, unless there is total trust in the couple and the test through analysis that everything is perfectly between the two.

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